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Trekking Pole Naturehike

Trekking Pole Naturehike

  • Manufacturer NatureHike
  • Country of origin China
  • Weight 270g
  • Ability to adjust the size Adjustable
  • Number of stick sections 3
  • Maximum length 135 cm
  • Material Aluminum
  • Latching mechanism External
  • Minimum length 62 cm
  • Price:
    436 грн
    Code: 1487

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    We are glad to present you Naturehike trekking pole.

    The trekking stick is designed to correctly and evenly distribute the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle and reduce the load on the muscles of the legs. When using trekking poles, you can feel how much easier it is to carry the backpack.

    Trekking stick

    The sticks are made of aluminum, they consist of three sections. Thanks to the use of aluminum, the trekking pole itself weighs 270 grams and has a compact size, which makes it easy to take it with you in your backpack.

    Tracking stick Naturehike trekking stick

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