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Compression bandage Naturehike

Compression bandage Naturehike

  • Material: 50% nylon, 25% bamboo fiber, 20% latex, 5% spandex.
  • Top Width: 14.5cm
  • Bottom width: 12cm
  • Length 28cm
  • Girth: 39–43
  • Price:
    285 грн
    Code: 1489

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    We are glad to present to your attention the Naturehike compression bandage.

    Naturehike knee brace is made of high quality and breathable material and perfectly fixes the leg. The bandage is suitable for sports, hiking, mountaineering and other activities.

    Compression bandage

    The bandage is very elastic and does not unfasten compared to other models, for this reason it is possible to fit it under any leg and fix the joint tightly.

    Naturehike knee brace

    The Naturehike Knee Brace provides a tight fit to prevent injury.

    Naturehike compression bandage

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