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Cycling Backpack Naturehike 15l

Cycling Backpack Naturehike 15l

  • Manufacturer: Naturehike
  • Ruler: 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag NH15C001-B
  • Type: Bicycle backpack
  • Volume (with pockets), l: 15
  • Weight, g: 460
  • Size, cm: 50x30x18
  • Material: 5% Polyester, 95% nylon
  • Price:
    890 грн
    Code: 1496

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    We are glad to present you a Cycling Backpack from Naturehike 15l.

    The bicycle backpack Naturehike 15l is not large and not bulky, which allows you to move around the bike without discomfort. The volume of the bicycle backpack is 15 liters, made of polyester and nylon.

    Naturehike Cycle Backpack

    The cycling backpack Naturehike 15l has adjustable shoulder straps and ventilation in the back area to prevent fogging. There are also side, as well as one frontal, pockets.

    Cycling backpack backpack for bike

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