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Flexible solar panel Sun Power 100W

Flexible solar panel Sun Power 100W

Features solar panel Flexible Sun Power 100W

  • Model 100W 12v
  • Flexible Type
  • Power 100W
  • Size 1050x54x3
  • Weight 1.9 kg
  • The maximum no-load voltage 20.5v
  • The maximum voltage to the load 17.5v
  • short-circuit current 6.7A
  • 5.9A operating current
  • The bending angle of 30 degrees
  • Work rezhym temperature -45 to +60
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charge Sunpower 100W panel

Advantages of flexible solar panel Sunpower 100W

are: high efficiency (more than 22%) in rain and cloudy weather it is capable of delivering 50-60% of the rated power, increased strength (no glass parts, waterproof design), the panel is highly durable, relatively low weight (1.9 kg per 100W in comparison with analogs) and thickness (not aluminum, but TPT is used as a base) gives us windproof and high lightness installation.

the ability to mount the Sunpower 100W on the roof of a motorhome or boat

The battery provides uninterrupted power supply

Tourists, hunters, fishermen, yachtsmen, auto travelers and outdoor enthusiasts use solar systems to provide themselves with an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Being outside the city or traveling in modern life, there is often a need to use electrical appliances: a flashlight, telephone, GPS navigator, camera, and so on.

Heliosystem project

Such a flexible solar panel will help you stay independent of weather conditions and stay connected and with sufficient lighting. To do this, you need to sum up the parameters of consumption devices. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the approximate operating time of the devices that will be used for travel and find out the specific power that the heliosystem can give out to recharge them. When traveling, the battery must be resistant to various damage: cracks, corrosion, scratches, then it will serve as an assistant and will not leave you without electricity.

Flexible solar panel Sunpower 100W allows you to create alternative energy supply systems. You can also use Sunpower 100W Flexible Solar Panel to save fuel in your car, boat, other vehicle, and other curved surfaces without drilling holes to secure it.

using the Sunpower panel on a yacht

By using flexible solar panel Sunpower 100W you keep the planet's energy reserves and its purity.

Panels can be ordered on our website or by phone.

Reviews of the Flexible solar panel Sun Power 100W:

Доставка в Киев быстрая, доехала целая. Солнечная панель дала хорошие показатели даже в немного пасмурную погоду. Благодарю.