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LIXADA solid fuel furnace

LIXADA solid fuel furnace

LIXADA solid fuel furnace features:
  • Material: stainless steel of different thickness (0.3mm-0.8mm);
  • Combustion chamber resource: from 300 to 800 and more hours of stove operation, depending on storage and operation conditions;
  • stove weight 250g
680 грн
Code: 1307

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LIXADA wood stove dimensions LIXADA wood stove

LIXADA solid fuel furnace have robust

stainless steel construction for extreme durability.

Wide open hole for easy wood addition.

improved ventilation

Solid fuel furnace have air vents for improved ventilation and combustion efficiency.

The Serrated cross stand creates a stable cooking platform.

Foldable, lightweight, simple

Easily cook food with unlimited fuel collected on your hike, such as twigs, twigs, wood, paper.

Foldable and lightweight, comes in a mesh bag for easy storage and transport.

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LIXADA solid fuel furnace in job

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