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Solid fuel stove Lixada HWL

Solid fuel stove Lixada HWL

Features of Lixada HWL wood burning stove:
  • Brand: Lixada
  • Net weight: 70 g
  • Material: Titanium finish stainless steel
  • Fuel: wood
  • Unfolding Size: 7.8x8.7x10.7 cm
  • Folding size: 8.7x10.7 cm
  • complete set: 6 pcs + cover
520 грн
Code: 1373

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Дровяна Піч Lixada HWL on a hike This Lixada wood-burning stove is well suited for those who prefer to cook food quickly on a pinch, leaves, cones or small twigs, which happens on the way, instead of carrying bulky and heavy cylinders and lighting a fire for a long time. The advantages of the stove are its compactness, lightness, portability. Folds up in seconds and fits in your pocket. Robust titanium construction provides a stable, solid platform for the cookware. Conveniently designed Lixada wood burning stove with large opening for adding solid fuel and vents for efficient combustion. This small turbo oven helps to cook without fuel canisters, without chemical emissions, without batteries, less carbon emissions. The Lixada wood stove comes with a storage cover for easy carrying. Great for camping, fishing, mountaineering, hiking, picnics. Wood burning stove Lixada HWL in job Wood burning stove Lixada HWL size

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