Spot welding

Control board for spot welding100A

Control board for spot welding100A

  • Built on STM8 microcontroller
  • Opto isolation of power and control circuits
  • Adjust the response time with a simple potentiometer
  • Maximum Triac current 100A
  • Digital control interface, displays current time and current settings.
  • Power board 9-15v (AC)
  • Size: 80x60 mm / 3.15x2.36
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The connection diagram of the control board for spot welding is shown in the figure below. Wiring diagram for spot welding control board
  • Thyristor 100 A
  • Opto decoupling for safer operation
  • Self-locking plug for connection
  • Indicators: pulse time 1–50 (1 division - 20 ms), current strength (30–99%).
  • Built-in indicator allows you to see the operating status of the device
  • Regulators for setting the pulse time and amperage
  • Stable and reliable industrial microcontroller
100A Spot Welder Control Boards for those who want to assemble their own spot welder from a microwave transformer.

The controller will help you weld the tape and the 18650 element with high quality.
An excellent option for soldering 18650 batteries. With the controller, you can easily and easily control your welding machine.

Control board for spot welding view from top set of control board of spot welding 100A

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