Induction heaters

Induction heater 2500W

Induction heater 2500W

  • Model: A52357
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Maximum current: 50a
  • Maximum urine output: 2500W
  • Input voltage: 12v more 10a 15v or more 20a
  • Size: 25 * 12 * 9cm
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Code: 1203

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We are glad to present you a 2500 W induction heater.

The heating power of the 2500W induction heater is very large, the plate and components are hot, and the heat of the copper tube is very high. The buyer can prepare the water cooling system separately, can buy a small water pump and 2 meters of inner diameter 4mm rubber hose. Although this drive plate can withstand more than 40A at present, it is recommended not to exceed 48V 35A in order to prevent accidents and damage.

The minimum input voltage of the module is 12V, this does not mean all 12V power supplies can be used, some novice customers can use a smaller power supply. This module has specific voltage and current requirements, 12V voltage must be more than 10A, power supply can be used. If the power is too low, it will cause the power output to drop significantly, when the voltage is below 12V, this will cause two MOS to conduct at the same time, will burn out the MOS tube

For induction heating, it is recommended to use a 36V 20A power supply

    Package includes:
  • 1 pc PCB board (with two fans)
  • 1 copper tube
Appearance of an induction heater 2500 W Top view of a 2500 W induction heater Induction heater 2500 W

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