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Flexibl Solar panel 12V  20 W

Flexibl Solar panel 12V 20 W

  • Materials: monocrystalline
  • Interface: 2.5 mm
  • Power: 20 W
  • Operating current: 1.4 A
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V / 5 V
  • Sizes: Approx. 42 * 28 cm
  • Cable length: 120 cm
      Package includes:
      • 1x solar panel with cable
      • 1x crocodile
      • 1x car charger
1224 грн
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Solar systems are used by tourists, hunters, fishermen and lovers of organizing camping in nature. Far from home you often need electricity to charge your phone, flashlight, battery, GPS navigator, camera, laptop. It is for such cases that flexible solar panels have been released.

The advantage of such equipment is that regardless of the terrain and weather conditions, you can charge a flashlight or a means of communication. Flexible solar panel is compact, lightweight and quite affordable. It is often used by fishermen, hunters, lovers of hard-to-reach places and other lovers of active recreation.

Important criteria for choosing a solar panel are its power, moisture insulation and weight.

When choosing a solar system for a hike, you first need to choose the power. To do this, you must first calculate the parameters consumed. To do this, add up the total operating time of the devices that will be used in the campaign and the minimum performance for charging.

It is very important that the solar panel is resistant to small scratches, chips, heat, moisture. If the walk is long, you need to choose a small panel that will fit in a backpack, and will not take up much space.

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