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The solar cell is 5 w single crystal (100 pieces)

The solar cell is 5 w single crystal (100 pieces)


  • Quantity - 100 pcs.
  • Technology - 4bb (4 tires)
  • Efficiency (efficiency) 20.4%
  • Material - mono silicon
  • Maximum power 5 wt
  • Cell size - 156h156 mm
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When a silicon melt is slowly cooled, polycrystalline silicon is obtained from it, which is used for the manufacture of polycrystalline solar panels. The operation of pulling silicon crystals from the melt is less laborious than in the manufacture of monocrystalline silicon, and, accordingly, such solar cells are cheaper. But still, a significant drawback of polycrystalline silicon is that it has areas with granular boundaries, which slightly deteriorate its quality.

Panels based on polycrystalline silicon have a slightly lower efficiency than monocrystalline panels. The guaranteed durability of such elements is about 10 years.

5W monocrystalline cell 5W monocrystalline cell 100pcs Monocrystalline cell set 100 pcs

According to the practice of solar power plants in field conditions, we can talk about the service life of polycrystalline modules - more than 20 years. Moreover, for the entire period of operation, the power loss of silicon polycrystalline elements is no more than 10%

The solar cell 5 W monocrystal (100 pcs) is soldered with a pencil for soldering and a soldering tape.

Attention: when transporting a solar cell 5 w monocrystal (100pcs), be careful, as the solar cell is very fragile and breaks easily.

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