Solar panels

ES5000 Solar Power Bank

ES5000 Solar Power Bank


  • Material: ABS-plastics, polycarbonate, silicone
  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • 2 USB-outputs
  • The solar panel
  • LED Flashlight
  • Charge Indicators
  • Protection against water, dust and shock
  • A hole for mounting on a backpack
  • Input voltage and current: 5V / 1A
  • The output voltage and current: 5V / 1A
  • Charging connector: microUSB
  • Dimensions: 142 x 75 x 13.6 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Includes:
  • Carabiner
  • microUSB-charging cable
432 грн
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solar Power Bank

This battery has a built-in solar panel, charge will be updated, wherever you are: in the mountains, in the woods or at the seaside. This means that you will never be left without communications.

Solar Battery Charging occurs automatically in the daylight, even if the sun is not too bright. solar charger for phone

Of course, when you get back to civilization, you can recharge the battery from the USB-ports, or from the wall outlet via the microUSB-cable input using the kit.

External Battery Power Bank Solar Solar Charger 5000mah

The battery is universal. It is suitable for your phone, music player, Bluetooth-headset, Selfie stick, etc.

The battery has a USB-2 output. This means that you can charge two devices at the same time.

To begin charging, simply connect one end of the microUSB-cable to the battery, and the other - to the smartphone. Tanks will last for 2 to charge your phone (for example, iPhone 5).

External Battery Power Bank Solar Solar Charger 5000mah 1

Flashlight in field conditions - irreplaceable thing. Especially if he does not need batteries. That is why the battery housing is integrated high-power LED. He shines bright and pleasant daylight.

Flashlight to light the way in the field conditions

The battery has a shock-resistant casing. Even if you are from the height of its growth drop it on the rocks, it will remain intact. solar portable charging solar charging on a backpack

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