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Actuator SuperJack 18

Actuator SuperJack 18 "JAGER (HARL-3618 +)


  • Rated operating voltage - 36V.
  • To work needed positioner, which performs the functions of the device power and control.
  • Swing speed: 3 mm / sec.
  • Have a reed position sensor, corrosion-resistant coating and are characterized by a low level of noise.
1440 грн
Code: 140

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18-inch actuator SuperJack 18 "JAGER is a device installed on the hanger c polar coordinate system to rotate the device to the desired position.

The actuator can be used:

  • a satellite dish to rotate to the desired position of the satellite;
  • in solar power - solar panel to turn the sun;
  • to open the windows;
  • in an incubator - move the tray with eggs, etc.

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