Sun tracker

The tracking system of the sun ST600

The tracking system of the sun ST600

Features The tracking system of the sun ST600

  • Manufacturer: GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • Designed for the solar panel up to 700 W
  • Provides 40% increase in power generation
  • How it works - Calculation of sun position according to GPS
  • Operating voltage: 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V
  • Operating temperature: -40 to + 60 ℃
  • Power consumption is negligible.
  • Adjustable direction angles
  • The size of the turntable: 1000x750x30mm
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Code: 401

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Delivery set of Solar tracker ST600
  • Swivel mechanism (steel structure)
  • Motor (actuator)
  • Control unit (solar tracker controller)
  • User Guide
  • Possible complete set with wind sensor for an additional fee

      The ST600 Solar Orientation System is an electromechanical device whose purpose is to track the movement of a light source. The main application is to change the position of photovoltaic modules (solar cells) in order to obtain maximum efficiency. It is when sunlight is incident at a right angle that the minimum value of reflection is achieved, and therefore the maximum use of the energy of the rays by the solar panel.

      ST600 solar array orientation system view 1

      The advantage of the orientation system of solar panels ST600 is that the solar panels placed on them automatically follow the sun during the day and change the angle of inclination depending on the season. And this significantly increases power generation compared to fixed-mounted solar panels, up to forty percent.

      ST600 solar array orientation system view 2

      The ST600 solar array orientation system is also completed with instructions with installation recommendations.

      ST600 Sun Aiming System

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