AC / DC converters

Power supply  9V 1A

Power supply 9V 1A


  • Input voltage: 100-240  
  • Output voltage: 9  
  • Output current of 1 A
  • Power Connector: 9, fork: 220  
  • Galvanic isolation  
  • Set of protection on input and output  
  • Miniature housing - Size: 7.5x8x3.3 see Cable length: about 100 cm
126 грн
Code: 250

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The power supply 9V 1A is a high-quality switching power supply with an output voltage of 9V DC and a maximum load of 1A. Equipped with security systems: overload, short circuit and overheating. Power Supply is designed in classic plastic housing small size,

The power supply 9 1A is designed to supply a constant voltage of 9 in various industrial and consumer devices.

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