AC / DC converters

Power Adapter JC-480-48

Power Adapter JC-480-48

Features power adapter JC-480-48:

  • Type of cooling - passive
  • Protection - leaky
  • Power - 480W
  • Current - 10A
  • Input voltage - AS100-220V
  • Output voltage - 48V
  • Dimensions housing - 241 X 124 X 65 mm
  • Weight - 1500 g
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We are glad present to your attantion the JC-480-48 Power Supply.

JC-480-48 10A power supply is a high-quality switching power supply with an output voltage of 48 V DC and a maximum load of 10 A. Equipped with protection systems: protection form overload, short circuit and overheating. Power supply is made in a classic metal case of small dimensions.

Power supply unit JC-480-48 10A is designed to supply 48 V DC voltage to various industrial and household devices.

Power supply unit JC-480-48 10A can be used in:

  • Household Appliances
  • Light-emitting diode strips
  • Various modules 48V 10A power supply Power supply 480W Power supply 48 Volt 480W

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