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Digital ampermetr DC 0-50 A

Digital ampermetr DC 0-50 A

  • Measuring range: DC 0-50A
  • Display: three 0.56 LED digital bits
  • LED color: blue / red / green
  • Update rate: 500 ms
  • Power supply: DC 4.5-28 In
  • Power consumption: <20 mA, the conventional 5-15 mA
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 65 C
  • Size: 48x29x36 mm
  • length: 150 mm
455 грн
Code: 426

Digital Ammeter DC 0-999mA

Digital Ammeter DC 0-999mA

  • Power supply: 4..30 In
  • Measuring range: 0-1 A
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22 mm  
210 грн
Code: 557

Ammeter - is a device for measuring the current in amperes.

Scale ammeters is calibrated in microamperes, milliamperes, Amps or kA - in accordance with the limits of the unit of measurement.

In order to increase the limit of measurement ammeter is provided with a shunt (for AC and DC circuits), current transformer (for AC circuits only) or magnetic amplifier (for DC circuits).

In an electrical circuit ammeter in series with that portion of the circuit, the current in which the measure. Therefore, the lower the internal resistance of Ammeter (ideally - 0), the smaller will be the impact of the device on the object under study, and the higher the measurement accuracy.

Amperemeter are divided into analog or arrow digital.

Analogue arrow or ammeters  magnetoelectric have a system consisting of a coil with a thin wire, which travels between the poles of a permanent magnet. Once the coil current flows, it will move under the influence of torque, which is proportional to the current flow. coil rotation resistance has a special spring with the elastic moment, proportional to the angle of twist. At equilibrium, these moments are, and the arrow will show the value proportional to the current going through it. To increase the measurement limits, parallel ammeter connect shunt resistor set value calculated in advance according to certain formulas.

Pros analog ammeters :

Less analog ammeters :  

Digital ammeters It consists of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and converts the current flowing into digital code, which is then displayed on the LCD screen.

Pros digital ammeters :

Less digital ammeters :

Amperemeter are distinguished for measuring AC and DC.

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