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Speed Controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2

Speed Controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2

  • Use: vehicles and models on the remote control
  • For the type of transport: helicopters
  • Material: Composite Materials
  • BEC-function: yes
  • BEC Power: 1.5 A / 5
  • Function off voltage 4
  • The current: 30 A
  • Battery 5-10 cells
Count Price
Code: 581

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Speed ​​Controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2 is an electronic stroke control (ESC - Electronic Speed ​​Controller), ie speed control device for the electric motor applied to the radio-controlled models with electric propulsion. Speed ​​Controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2 allows you to smoothly vary the electrical power applied to the motor.

Main features speed controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2 :

  • The maximum peak current - a current that can withstand short-term control. Such currents arise, for example during the start.
  • The maximum operating voltage. Too much voltage regulator simply burn.

Main features speed controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2 :

  • Brake function

    To the radio-controlled car and model aircraft is not only important to quickly get up to speed, but quickly removed the engine speed, so the speed controller has a function of inhibition, which is carried out by closing the motor windings through the regulator. Also, control is a smooth braking, which reduces the heating control and prolong the life of a collector motor.

  • BEC-system

    BEC-System is used in most controls for low-voltage motors. This function has no relation to the management of the engine, but allows you to avoid putting on the battery for model radio control system, and to use this power for the battery.

  • Function Power Cut Off (PCO)

    This feature is designed to turn off the motor when the battery voltage drops below the set value. This feature will help to protect the battery from overcharge, but it is especially important in flying models with BEC. When discharging the battery power, the model still needs to land safely. When using the PCO drive motor is disabled, but the battery is a bit more power to operate the receiver and servos that allow the plant model.

Speed ​​Controller RC BEC ESC T 450 V2 can be used for a variety of model aircraft.

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