Wind turbine controllers

Controller for wind turbine GreenChip W1500

Controller for wind turbine GreenChip W1500

  • GreenChip (Ukraine)
  • Voltage 12/24/36/48 In
  • Maximum current 50 amps ballast Working
  • power 1500 watt
  • Maximum power 3000 watt
  • Rated current battery charging 0-30 A (adjustable in menu)
  • battery charging Voltage 0-65 V (adjustable in menu)
  • size 230*120*70 mm
  • Technology PWM (PWM)
  • Current consumption in standby mode controller 10 mA
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Code: 40

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A distinctive feature of the controller for the GreenChip W1500 wind generator is that almost any battery can be connected to it. This possibility is achieved by setting the required values of current and voltage in the controller menu. The current sensor in the controller is based on Hall effect, which increases the efficiency of the entire system. Another distinctive feature of this controller is Microprocessor control.

Principle of operation.

The controller for the Greenchip W1500 wind generator dynamically checks the current and voltage of the battery charge. When the battery is discharged, its resistance is low, and therefore, when charging, a large current (more than 1/10 of its capacity) can flow through it. Therefore, in the initial cycle of battery charging, the controller makes sure that the current does not exceed the value set in the menu. As the battery charges, the resistance of the battery increases, the current decreases and the voltage across the battery begins to rise. The controller at this stage ensures that the voltage does not rise above the limit set in the menu. If the current or voltage exceeds the established norms, then the duty cycle of the PWM signal increases, and the energy is thrown off to the ballast. All the extra energy that the wind turbine generates, the controller lowers to ballast (it may be some kind of ten for heating water) Important: The ballast must be selected so that when the battery is charged, the controller can load the wind turbine, otherwise it will go into gear.

By default, the controller is configured for a current of 4 amperes and a voltage of 14.2 volts, if you need other values, they can be set in the device menu. The LCD display shows the current and voltage of the battery charging, the power that goes to the battery and the duty cycle of the PWM signal (0-maximum duty cycle 255-minimum duty cycle).

Manufacturer: GreenChip

Model: W1500

Device type: Controller for wind generator

Appearance of W1500S Connection of W1500S Photo of W1500S wind generator controller

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Заказал вот такой контролер GreenChip W1500 для ветряка, продавец проконсультировал перед подключением, отлично что можно подключить к нему почти любую батарею и имеется микропроцессорное управление, работает уже три года без нарицаний, заказ отправили за короткое время, пришел целый и хорошо упакован.