Electric Bike Wattmeter (Battery Tester)

Electric Bike Wattmeter (Battery Tester)

  • Type: battery tester (power meter, electric bicycle, electric scooter)
  • Model: TK15
  • Operating voltage range: DC8-80V
  • Current: 50A
  • Overall size: 66x40x10 mm
  • Display size: 32x23 mm
  • Working Power Consumption: 8mA
  • Standby power consumption: 0.5 ma
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: +/- 1.0%
  • Current measurement accuracy: +/- 1.0%
  • Battery Capacity Setting Range: 0.-590Ah
  • External shunt, operating current: 30.0A (max: 50A)
  • External large shunt, operating current: 50.0a (max: 100A)
1280 грн
Code: 1176

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Our store is pleased to present you a e-bike wattmeter (Battery Tester).

A wattmeter for an e-bike (Battery Tester) is a fairly accurate device that allows you to find out the level of charge in watts on your device, be it a bicycle or a battery.

The e-bike wattmeter (Battery Tester) operates in a voltage range of 8 to 80 volts and a current of up to 50 amperes.

The e-bike wattmeter (Battery Tester) has a measurement accuracy of up to 99%.

The e-bike wattmeter (Battery Tester) has two versions with built-in 50 Amp shunt and one with 100 Amp shunt. Our consultants are ready to answer you about the availability of this or that version.

E-bike wattmeter Battery Tester Power meter shunt

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