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Hand band saw

Hand band saw

  • Durable manganese material
  • Saw material: Manganese
  • Handle material: plastic saw length: 480mm (18.9``)
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Package included: 1 piece Saw
  • Price:
    183 грн
    Code: 1457

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    We are glad to present you band saw.

    The band saw is perfect for hiking and camping enthusiasts as well as survivalists.

    the Band saw

    The band saw is made of durable and reliable material.

    A band saw can be used to cut a small tree or a thick branch.

    Dislocation saw

    The band saw is made of durable and stainless manganese alloy, which will provide a long and reliable service for many years.

    the wire saw Band saw is easy to maintain and use in camping conditions

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