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Power Bank Portable Charger

Power Bank Portable Charger

  • Input: Micro USB DC 5V
  • Output: USB DC 5V
  • Output current up to 1A
  • Battery: 1x 18650 3. 7V Li-ion
  • Housing: plastic
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Many of us are not just faced with the problem of charging a mobile phone or other gadgets during any trips. What if you need to recharge the battery in an environment where there is habitual and affordable energy? For such cases, you just necessarily Power Bank Portable Charger.

Main features Power Bank portable charger:

  • a function of energy saving;
  • short-circuit protection and battery overcharge;
  • compact size and reliability.

Power Bank Portable Charger powered by high-capacity batteries 18650.

portable charger

Power Bank Portable Charger will help you to charge your gadget at a time when there is no outlet. charging the phone from an external battery multicolored Power Bank

Reviews of the Power Bank Portable Charger:

Яна Андріївна
Очень хороший павер, купила так как старый сломался, сайт посоветовала подруга, но товар оправдал свое качество, заряжает быстро и на длительное время, телефон не греется и имеет фонарик что очень удобно, в общем советую.