H-bridge stepper motor Arduino HG7881

H-bridge stepper motor Arduino HG7881


  • 2 HG7881 motor control chip
  • The module can simultaneously control two DC motors or 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor  
  • Input voltage: 2.5-12 In  
  • Each channel has a continuous output current of 800mA opportunities  
  • PCB size: 29.2 (mm) x23 (mm)  
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Code: 113

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To control the motors of the robot need a device that has converted to control signals in the low-power currents sufficient to control the motors. Such a device is a motor driver.

HG7881 - is a dual motor driver, power possible from the source of 2.5 - 12V output driver Description:

Output Description

  • B-IA Engine B Input A (IA)
  • B-IB Engine B Input B (IB)
  • GND Ground (Minus)
  • VCC Operating voltage 2.5-12V (Plus)
  • A-IA Engine A Input A (IA)
  • A-IB Engine A Input B (IB)

    In order to make the engines work necessary to us on the way conclusions (B-IA, B-IB, A-IA, A-IB) must be submitted logic signals (HIGH, LOW).

    PWM pulse width modulation signal is used to control motor speed, a digital output is used to change the direction.

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