8-channel relay module

8-channel relay module


  • Has 8-Channel Relay interface can be controlled razlichnіmi microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, and so on. d.
  • Equipped relay: 30V 10A as250v 10a.
  • The channels are optically isolated, safe, reliable.
  • PCB size 140 mm x 55 mm
  • Mounting hole size 133 mm x 40 mm
432 грн
Code: 117

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The module can be controlled directly from microcontroller pins (for example, Arduino). Maximum load current 10A @ 250V, dimensions: 13.9sm x x 5.2sm 1.7sm     

If you want the full optical isolation, connect the "Vcc" to the output of + 5V Arduino. Do not connect to Gnd. Set jumper Vcc to JD-Vcc. Power transistors and relay coils get by connecting "+ 5V" concluded "JD-Vcc". If you have enough insulation relay, leave the jumper Vcc to JD-Vcc in place and simply Energize the module from the conclusions Arduino + 5V and Gnd and.

The relay is closed if the file to the control input logic low (LOW), then the LED lights. If you submit a logic one level (HIGH), will opening relay.

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