Layout PCB with connection cables

Layout PCB with connection cables


  • Package includes:
    • PCB layout 830 points;
    • 65 sht.soedinitelnyh cables.
  • Dimensions: 15smh12smh3sm
  • Weight 0.15 kg
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Code: 123

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Prototyping board (Printed Circuit Board) - is a universal board for modeling prototypes and assembly of electronic devices without soldering.

Boards are used for rapid assembly of electrical circuits, securely interconnected resistors, LEDs, capacitors, chip, etc. In this case, you can check the correct operation of your unit before final assembly and soldering.

They consist Boards from the set of sockets (sockets), the individual groups are electrically interconnected. At the bottom of the breadboard (inside the plastic housing) arranged in bands with metal contacts, interconnects group nests, forming a conductive circuit.

As a rule, the layout is divided into four sections - two external and two internal. In the interior sections outlet interconnected rows of five pieces. Two external site fee is usually used for power supply. On most boards such compounds color-coded: red - plus a power supply, black or blue - minus source (shared occasion).

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