Matrix  keypad 4 x 4 for Arduino

Matrix keypad 4 x 4 for Arduino


  • Type - module
  • Purpose - for Arduino
  • Features - 4 x 4 16-key keyboard
  • Application - DIY MCU keyboard
  • Dimensions - see 4.3h3.9h1.0
  • Weight - 11g
87 грн
Code: 167

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Many applications require to make keyboard input. This may be implemented using separate keys, but it is not so from the viewpoint can comfortably use I / O lines MC. The best solution is to use matrix keyboard , which is a set of keys, united in rows and columns

Matrix keypad 4 x 4 for Arduino is used to load data into the microcontroller. It consists of 16 keys arranged in an array of four row and four columns.

The principle of matrix keyboard works for Arduino :

Four contact microcontroller must be defined as O, and the remaining four pin - as input. to read the status of a specific key on the column signal is applied, and then reads the status of the series. Typically, rows are connected to a high potential, and interrogated column is connected to ground. If the low level scan signal is read, it means that the key number of positions in the column is closed. This determines which button is clicked.

Another way to load data by using keyboard 4x4 to the microcontroller is to use ready-made functions of the Special Library for the keyboard.

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