Soil moisture sensor (hygrometer) for Arduino

Soil moisture sensor (hygrometer) for Arduino


  • Sensor assembled on a chip LM393;
  • Digital and analog outputs;
  • voltage sensor 3.3 - 5V;
  • current consumption of 35 mA;
  • module dimensions: 38.1 x 15.6 x 8.0 mm;
  • Sensor dimensions: 63.8 x 20.0 x 8.0 mm;
  • cable length: 0.2 m;
  • the weight of the set: '11
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Soil Moisture Sensor (hygrometer) for Arduino LM393 assembled on a chip and has a separate sensor and the sensitivity setting.

Between the two electrodes Sensor creates a small voltage. If the soil is dry, the resistance is high and current is less. If the ground is wet - less resistance, and the current - more. On the final analog signal can be judged on the degree of humidity. Soil Moisture Sensor gives the output 1 or 0, depending on whether there is sufficient moist soil. Works soil moisture sensor (hygrometer) for Arduino as follows: first nastraevaem it to the desired humidity (tighten up resistor). Then, if the humidity is above the threshold, the sensor outputs a low level if it is lower, then high.

Use soil moisture sensor (hygrometer) for Arduino for the control of household flowers in greenhouses, etc. Can serve as a sensor for automatic irrigation systems.

The package includes:

  • hygrometer, soil moisture sensor;
  • sensor YL-69;
  • connection 5-pin cable.

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