8 Channel Relay Network IP Relay

8 Channel Relay Network IP Relay

    IP relay 8-channel, network relay
  • - Interface Ethernet RJ45.
  • - Built-in WEB-server, you can access and control via the Internet.
  • - 8-channel 250V / AC 10A independent relay output
  • - You can directly control the output relays.
  • - 7-24V DC power supply
  • - Can choose a router control, access via Android, Apple, tablet, windows, Apple system.
  • - You can display the current status of the relay in real time
  • - Manual
  • - TCP Relay Protocol V1.0
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IP relay for 8 channels Network relay for 8 channels Network Relay with Web Server


  • - Ethernet RJ45 interface.
  • is a built-in WEB server that can be accessed and managed over the Internet.
  • - 8-channel independent output relay 250V / 10A AC, thicker tin in the output line of the relay.
  • is 8 roadblock node inputs (passive / active), you can directly control the relay output.
  • - 7-24V DC power supply with self-resetting fuse.
  • - can select a router, control access through Android, Apple, tablet, Windows system, Apple systems, and can be controlled in the world, can access anywhere.
  • - support return status, you can display the current status of the relay in real time
  • is a key parameter to recover from a parameter setting error or a forgotten password cannot connect to the network, you can use a key parameter to recover.

    Firmware update V5.0.5:

  • - change web pages, make them more humane, add completely open, completely closed operations
  • - optimized mobile access, mobile phone screen adaptation, big screen fit, small screen;
  • - to deepen the memory pool, speed up the response;
  • - Repair IE, 360 and other browsers cannot control and mangles the error, but even UCweb browsers can use such agents;
  • - Adding touch capabilities and you can set touch time 1-255s
  • - Add MAC Change, Simple LAN;
  • - memory function of the relay off state, the function can be configured;
  • - inputs and outputs can be configured associations;
  • - Firmware update V5.0.6:
  • - development can change the TCP port;
  • - HTTP port can be changed, port mapping is easier to solve, ports 80 and 8080 are telecom shielded problems

    Username: admin / Code: 12345678

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