ISD1820 voice module

ISD1820 voice module

  • Built on a chip: ISD1820
  • Operating voltage: DC 3 - 5
  • Has a built-in audio amplifier
  • Speaker 8 ohm, 0.5 W
  • The input circuit for connecting a microphone
  • Size: 3.7 x 4.1 cm
111 грн
Code: 652

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ISD1820 voice module built on the chip ISD18B20, which is a unit of recording / playback of messages.

Recording is stored in on-chip non-volatile memory, allowing indefinite period of storage of messages. Data storage in the built-in flash memory, up to 100 years and the amount of 100,000 erase / write cycles. Time for recording / playback of one message 8-20 seconds.

ISD1820 voice module has a built-in audio amplifier. It can drive the speaker directly (recommended 8 ohms 0.5 W). There are input circuits for connecting a microphone. ISD1820 voice module can be controlled by a microcontroller.

Managed ISD1820 voice module three buttons and two switches:  

  • button S1 - recording. Turn on the stopwatch, simultaneously press the S1 button while holding and talking.
  • button S2 playback. It includes a one-time complete reproduction of the recording when pressed briefly.
  • S3 button plays the recording on hold, then release the button, playback of the recording is stopped immediately.
  • SW1 jumper translated into a closed position for the through passage of the sound from the microphone, if you are using an external amplifier.
  • SW2 jumper is transferred to a closed position, if necessary infinite cyclic recording playback.

ISD1820 voice module can be useful for amateur radio operators to voice any action its own electronic circuit. It can be used in the Arduino-projects.

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