BL-MACH-V1.1 to control the CNC machine

BL-MACH-V1.1 to control the CNC machine

  • Voltage digital supply (V) - 5V DC
  • Supply voltage power section (B) - 12-24 V DC
  • The maximum current consumption of digital part - 500mA
  • Relay switching capacity - 10A / 24V AC
  • Declared minimum number
  • positives relay under load - 500 million cycles
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Interface board with optical isolation for 5 axes BL-MACH-V1.1 for controlling a CNC machine.

BL-MACH-V1.1 interface board allows you to connect up to five management drivers stepper or servo motors to a PC equipped with an LPT port. It distributes signals from outputs

LPT to screw terminals, thus making it easier to connect drivers.

Has the following characteristics:

  • 1. Full support for the MACH3 program and other computer programs designed for control the machine using the parallel port.
  • 2. The presence of an optical outlet, power supply of the digital part (from USB or external source + 5V) and peripheral devices (from an external 12-24V source) to protect your computer.
  • 3. Wide range of input voltage for power supply of peripheral devices from +12 to + 24V, anti-reverse function.
  • 5. The presence of a relay for spindle control. Output port P17.
  • 6. Opto-isolated 0-10V analogue converter output for control spindle speed. Output port P1.
  • 7. Availability of 17 ports that can work with opto-isolated driver inputs control of stepper or servo motors.
  • 8. The P1 output port can be used as a PWM output for control with a spindle with opto-isolated input.
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