Programmers device

Programmer PICkit 2

Programmer PICkit 2

  • USB 2.0 (USB Type A)
  • OS Compatibility - Win98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Se7en
  • Ability to power from the USB programmable device computing system
  • Function USB-UART converter
  • Function Logic Analyzer
  • High Voltage Programming
  • The calibration function is constant RC oscillator
  • Firmware microcontroller simply pressing a button on the programmer
  • Update firmware via USB Programmer
  • Official support software from Microchip MPLAB IDE and PICkit 2 Programmer
  • LED power ON Power (green)
  • The status LED R / W (red)
  • Miniature size 83h30 mm
540 грн
Code: 105

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PICkit2 is a USB 2.0 programmer for both beginners and experienced developers.

PICkit2 runs under its own "PICkit 2 Programmer" shell or under the control of the MPLAB IDE.

A distinctive feature of the PICkit2 programmer is the low price, as well as the availability of complete documentation, including the circuit and the source codes of the firmware for the microcontroller and the shell program for the computer.

PICkit2 In-Circuit USB Programmer-Debugger serves for in-circuit programming of most Flash microcontrollers. Purpose of the programmer pins:

  • Vpp / MCLR - programming voltage, reset signal
  • Vdd - supply voltage for the programmable circuit
  • Vss - Earth
  • ICSPDAT / PGD - data signal
  • ICSPCLK / PGC - clock signal
  • AUX - an auxiliary pin, usually not used.
PICKIT-2 programmer

PICkit2 Programmer is a full-fledged debugger and has a number of additional features. Let's consider the main ones.

  • Wide range of supported microcircuits.

    USB PICkit2 programmer allows you to erase, program and check program memory and EEPROM, set code protection, edit Flash and EEPROM content of microcontrollers, as well as program EEPROM memory chips, CAN drivers.

  • In-circuit programmer.

    PICkit2 Programmer allows you to program in-circuit almost all Flash Microchip microcontrollers.

  • In-circuit debugger.

    The PICkit2 programmer under the control of the MPLAB IDE can perform the functions of an in-circuit debugger, i.e. allows you to run the program, step by step execution of commands, set breakpoints of the microcontroller, as well as view and change the state of special-purpose registers and RAM of the debugged PIC microcontroller.

  • "UART Tool"

    allows using the PICKit2 programmer to transfer data between the microcontroller being debugged and a computer via UART.

  • The "Programmer-To-Go" function

    allows, by writing the microcontroller "firmware" program into the memory PICkit2, to program any PIC by pressing one button, without using a PC (only power supply via USB from PC or stand-alone USB power supply).

  • Function of the logic analyzer "Logic Tool"

    allows you to create influences and monitor the state of signals of the device under development. PICKKIT-II programmer with UART

PICkit 2 Programmer can generate power supply voltage for the circuit in the voltage range from 2.5 to 5V in 0.1V steps. This is a useful feature because you can debug various devices without disconnecting the device from the programmer, and the power will be supplied from the programmer itself.

PIC programmer PICKit 2

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