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Balancer for battery

Balancer for battery


  • Model Balancer GreenChip B200
  • The number of channels - 4
  • the default balancing voltage - 14.5 V on the battery
  • triggering voltage adjustment range - 12.5 - 17 V on the battery
  • The mean point (balancing start) - 50 mV
  • balancing current - 0.7 A
  • The level of rejection (including anxiety) - 50 mV
  • Terminals - Output 2h1.5 mm2
  • Dimensions - 70 x 130 x 27 mm
  • Operating temperature from -30 ° C to +50 ° C
  • Weight - 0.25lbs
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Code: 314

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Often, when using solar power plants it is necessary to electrical appliances and equipment and working in the absence of sunlight. To do this, you need to accumulate solar energy generated during the day, in the batteries for later use. Best for this purpose are lead-acid batteries .

Battery - one of the main pieces of equipment and stand-alone backup power, including solar power. Its cost is 30-40% of the cost of all equipment and the question of increasing the service life and efficiency of return of the stored energy is very serious. Often the battery does not fulfill its resources and has to be replaced ahead of schedule on the new one. It happens to the batteries, which are connected in series.

In the sequential method of charging the battery is necessary to ensure that one of the main requirements: the voltage on any section of the rechargeable battery when charging should not exceed a certain value. Without taking special measures to ensure compliance with this requirement consistent with the charge - it is impossible ... The reason for this is that the individual sections are not identical to the battery, so when charging the maximum permissible voltage on each of the sections takes place at different times. A situation where we have to stop charging, as the voltage on one section has already reached the maximum threshold. At the same time, the other sections remain nedozaryazhennymi. As a result, it is clear that reduced the total battery capacity. To avoid this, special equipment is required.

To prevent overvoltage during charging, above a certain threshold, and is balancer . Its mission is: to monitor the voltage on a separate section of the battery. Once the voltage on it when charging reaches a certain value, the rocker is commanding a power switch, which is connected in parallel with a rechargeable section ballast. At the same time charging the remaining sections, the voltage which has not reached the maximum permissible values ​​- will continue. Terminates the charging process that will work balancers all sections of the battery. Voltage on all sections will be the same and equal to the threshold, which set balancers.

Reviews of the Balancer for battery:

Балансир со своей задачей справляется, была розбалансировка 0.5 в, за неделю все выровнял. Хорошо б было добавить вольтметр по каждому каналу, а так супер.

Балансир работает нормально. Видно по светодиоду какой аккумулятор отстающий, а какие уже зарядились, в принципе работой доволен.Спасибо