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Balancer for battery

Balancer for battery


  • Model Balancer GreenChip B400
  • The number of channels - 4
  • the default balancing voltage - 14.5 V on the battery
  • triggering voltage adjustment range - 12.5 - 17 V on the battery
  • The mean point (balancing start) - 50 mV
  • balancing current - 0.7 A
  • The level of rejection (including anxiety) - 50 mV
  • Terminals - Output 2h1.5 mm2
  • Dimensions - 70 x 130 x 27 mm
  • Operating temperature from -30 ° C to +50 ° C
  • Weight - 0.25lbs
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We present to your attention the Balancer for accumulator batteries.

Battery balancer equalizes the state of charge of two batteries connected in series or several parallel strings of batteries connected in series.

Why use a balanced charger?

Differences in the characteristics of the battery cells lead to the fact that the batteries work in different ways and, as a result, the total capacity of the composite battery will be lower than that of its constituent cells. In addition, the resource of such a battery will also be lower. it is determined by the "weakest" battery, which will wear out faster than others.

That is why balancing of battery cells is necessary.

The main modern balancing method is to transfer charge from one cell to another, with as little loss as possible. Modern circuitry easily implements such possibilities.

Microprocessor 4-channel Lead Acid Battery Balancer continuously monitors the cell voltages and gradually equalizes them throughout the charging process. To the cell that is charged more than others, the balancer for the battery connects in parallel some resistance (about 50-80 Ohm), which passes a part of the charging current through itself and only slightly slows down the charge of this cell, without stopping it completely.

The microcircuit of the modern 4-channel battery balancer uses an improved version of balancing based on voltage variation. To minimize the effect of the spread of internal resistances, balancing is carried out closer to the end of the charging process, when the value of the charging current is small.

Appearance of the battery balancer Device characteristics:
  • Model Balancer GreenChip B400
  • Model Balancer GreenChip B400
  • Number of channels - 4
  • Default balancing voltage is 14.5V per battery
  • Operating voltage adjustment range - 12.5 V - 17 V per battery
  • Midpoint deviation (start of balancing) - 50 mV
  • Working temperature from -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Weight - 0.25kg

Reviews of the Balancer for battery:

Балансир со своей задачей справляется, была розбалансировка 0.5 в, за неделю все выровнял. Хорошо б было добавить вольтметр по каждому каналу, а так супер.

Балансир работает нормально. Видно по светодиоду какой аккумулятор отстающий, а какие уже зарядились, в принципе работой доволен.Спасибо