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1045R CCW propellers for multicopter

1045R CCW propellers for multicopter

  • Material: carbon fiber and plastic
  • Screw diameter: 5"
  • Pitch: 4.5 " 5
  • The recommended engine: 800-1100 KV
  • The number in set: 4 (2 left and 2 right)
87 грн
Code: 780

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5045R CW propellers for multicopter is a screw diameter of 5 inches and in increments of 4.5 inch, which can be used for different models multicopter.

Package 5045R CW propellers for multicopter includes the 4 screws - 2 with a left bend and 2 to the right.

The design of propellers used multicopter a working mode rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. This configuration is necessary to compensate for the torque generated by the rotating propeller, seeking to deploy platform. The presence of two propellers, rotating in one direction and two - in another, compensates for this torque. And, if necessary, turn the platform changes the speed of certain screws that takes the system out of balance, causing rotation of the platform. To build quadrocopters need two pairs kontrvarschayuschihsya screws for geksakoptera - three pairs, etc.

In quadrocopters for engines with numbers 1-2 propellers mounted on a working rotation in the clockwise direction, while the engines with the numbers 3-4 propellers mounted on a working anti-clockwise. When starting and stopping the engine multicopter, you can observe the direction of rotation of each propeller.

5045R CW propellers for multicopter offers to your attention in different colors: yellow, white, orange, green, red, black. Set colored screws on your model, can give it a unique flavor.

All avialyubiteley - both beginners and experienced - it is recommended to have several pairs of spare screws, as they are easily broken due to failed crop and as a result of collisions with hard objects and branches of trees.

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