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Motor Wheel 500 W 48 V

Motor Wheel 500 W 48 V

Features Motor Wheel 500 W 48 V
  • Rated operating voltage 48 V
  • Rated power 500 w
  • The maximum torque is 21.8 Nm
  • Weight 5.7 kg
  • Electric motor Valve, 3-phase, alternating current (BLDC)
  • Hall sensors control circuit
  • The maximum speed of an electric bike at 48V is 45km / h
  • The diameter of the spoke is 2.4 - 2.8 mm
  • Temperature range: -25 ... + 45 C °
3960 грн
Code: 1013

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Gearless motor-wheel 500W An excellent choice for assembling a quality e-bike with good traction performance. Direct Drive Motor - Gearless, brushless, 500W wheel motor, designed to be mounted on a bicycle or similar device. Will help make your favorite bike a small scooter.

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Мотор супер. Супруга довольна, легко крутить педали, когда батарея разряжена; лёгкий, не сильно утяжеляет им велосипед. Теперь можем путешествовать на дальние расстояния.