LCD display 1602 with I2C adapter

LCD display 1602 with I2C adapter

  • Model: LCD 1602 I2C
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC
  • Type of display: character with the ability to load characters
  • Display format: 2 lines of 16 characters
  • Backlight color: blue or green
  • Character color: white
  • Technology: STN, Transflective, Positive
  • Controller: HD44780
  • Interface: 8-bit parallel interface
  • Backlight: LED
  • Variable resistor - for manual adjustment of the display contrast
  • Viewing angle: 180°
  • VLCD Contrast adjustment: 5.0V (Vop.)
  • Operating temperature: -20°С - +70°С
  • Storage temperature: -30°C - +80°C
  • Display Size: 2,6"
  • Overall dimensions: 80mm x 35mm x 11mm
  • Weight ~ 40g
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Code: 1072

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LCD display 1602 with I2C adapter

A character blue LCD 1602 display with I2C adapter allows you to reproduce values ​​and sensor data directly on the LCD display, rather than on a computer screen. The display has 2 lines of 16 characters, you can store up to 8 arbitrary user symbols in its memory (default Latin is supported, but using special libraries, Cyrillic can also be used).

LCD 1602 with I2C adapter is connected to the controller via two wires, the controller also has brightness control (potentiometer).

    Connecting contacts LCD display 1602 with I2C adapter:
  • 1. VSS - GND (ground)
  • 2. VDD - (power supply +5V)
  • 3. VO (contrast voltage from 0V to +5V) is connected to the output of a variable resistor, by means of which the voltage and the display contrast are adjusted
  • 4. RS (using this output, the display determines what goes into the input: commands or data)
  • 5. RW (selects the read/write mode, when grounded to GND, set the recording mode)
  • 6. E (synchronization line)
  • 7...14. (D0...D7) command/data bus
  • 15. A (+5V power backlight display)
  • 16. K (GND backlight)

LCD display 1602 is equipped with a 4-pin 2.54mm connector:

  • SCL: serial clock line
  • SDA: serial data line
  • VCC: "+" power supply
  • GND: "-" power supply

Connecting the LCD display 1602 via the I2C adapter on Arduino cards:

LCD I2C Based on ATmega 328 Leonardo MEGA, ADK, DUE
SCL A5 D3 D21     
SDA        A4        D2 D20     
VCC        +5V        +5V        +5V     

LCD display 1602 I2C LCD display 1602 I2C adapter

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