Motor Driver 10 - 60

Motor Driver 10 - 60

  • Power supply motor: 10-60V
  • Power supply circuits: 5
  • Output current: less than 100 mA
  • Protection current: 0-20 A (default - 15 A)
  • PWM control input signal: 3-20 in
  • Protection: short circuit, overcurrent
  • Customize soft start: 0-5 (default - 2.5 c)
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Motor Driver 10 - 60 is a device used for soft start (stop) of electric motors. This driver uses uses pulse width modulation signal for controlling the current to the motor.

Motor Driver 10 - 60 includes capacitors and the H-bridge, located in the switching elements (thyristors, transistors, solid-state relays or transistors). H-bridges are made FET with a low on-resistance, which ensures low loss and high efficiency motor driver.

The structure of the chip motor drivers 10 - 60 includes: the inverter control commands of the microprocessor, two-bit DAC to control the output current, generator control PWM pulse, pulse generator, current decay mode control circuit, a voltage regulator , switch off the active mode circuit protection circuit under-voltage, overload protection circuit, the circuit temperature protection circuit to protect against overcurrent H-bridge control circuit, gate drivers, output H-bridges.

Chips motor drivers 10 - 60 can work in total step, and polushagovom chetvertshagovom modes.  

Motor Driver 10 - 60 obechpechivaet motor mode with adjustable current recession, economy mode, switching the rotation direction forward / backward, turn off the active mode.

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