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TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino

TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino


  • Type: capacitive touch sensor;
  • module is assembled on a chip TTP223B;
  • The sensor works on a capacitive technology;
  • LED indication of power;
  • the power supply module: 2 - 5.5;
  • Sensitivity: 0 - 50 pF;
  • response time (low power mode): 220 ms;
  • response time (active): 60 ms;
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 x 24 mm 7.5;
  • Weight: 3 g
72 грн
Code: 172

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Work TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino based on electrical capacitance of the human body. Triggering module switching occurs at the touch of a finger on the touch sensor. At rest, - the output of the module a low voltage level when the sensor is touched - there is a high voltage level. After 12 seconds of inactivity, the module goes into low power mode.

In order to use digital sensor , you must first install it into place. Then you need to connect the appropriate terminals of the module powered by Arduino-controller (or other microprocessor-based control device).

For convenience, the board has an LED that lights when the unit is powered on. On the module has four holes for mounting on a flat surface.

TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino has one 3-pin connector. Designation of contacts:

  • SIG (digital output);
  • VCC (power supply);
  • GND (common contact).

The device is powered on or Arduino controller, microprocessor control another device, or from an external power source (battery power supply). Supply voltage module 2 - 5.5 V.

TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino is used for electrical switching (on / off) and is an excellent replacement for traditional mechanical buttons (keys). Is more reliable because there are no moving parts and low power consumption.

Sensor TTP223B can be used as a button for start / stop equipment. In addition, it can be used in transport as a button to open the door.

TTP223B digital sensor for Arduino - An alternate name: capacitive touch sensor (touch) touch button.

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