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LM393 Speed Sensor for Arduino

LM393 Speed Sensor for Arduino


  • IC: LM393 (dual comparator)
  • Power supply: + 3.3V ~ +5.0 In  
  • The current consumption of the encoder: 1.4 mA  
  • interface or type of encoder output signal: TTL digital  
  • Output Format: Digital output (0 and 1)  
  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ + 70 ° C  
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 32 x 14 x 10 mm  
  • The width of the groove in the slot sensor: 5 mm  
  • The diameter of the holes for mounting the sensor turns: 3 mm
  • Weight sensor module turns: 3 g
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LM393 Speed ​​Sensor for Arduino is built on the chip LM393 (dual comparator).

Features chip LM393:

  • Type comparator: Precision  
  • The number of comparators in the chip LM393: 2 pieces  
  • Comparator response time is 1.3 ms  
  • Type the comparator output: CMOS, MOS, TTL, DTL, ECL  
  • The current consumption of the comparator is 1 mA  
  • The supply voltage range of the comparator from ± 1.0 V to ± 18 V

The term "comparator" is derived from the English word «compare» - compare. Simply put, the comparator - a device for comparing two or more voltages with a certain accuracy and outputting the result with minimum delay.

LM393 Speed ​​Sensor for Arduino is also called speed sensor or encoder. The name derives from the principle of operation of the sensor.

LM393 speed sensor is used in conjunction with special discs that are put on the shaft of the gearbox or motor. Thus, the microcontroller receives the information directly from the encoder on the number of revolutions done by the engine, and so is determined by its speed.

LM393 Speed ​​Sensor for Arduino is equipped with a special pin connector (such as "daddy") to connect to the board microcontroller Arduino, AVR, ARM and others.

Sensor LM393 is a special hole in the board, making it easy to install and mount on any robotic platform or chassis of the robot.

Use LM393 Speed ​​Sensor for Arduino to determine the speed of the motor, pulse counting, obstacle detection. It will also be a useful component for any robot under the control of the microcontroller.

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