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Programmer AVR USBasp + Zif Board 40pin for AVR

Programmer AVR USBasp + Zif Board 40pin for AVR

Features Programmer AVR USBasp:

  • ISP programming interface
  • Interface connection to PC: USB
  • Input voltage: 5V (Bus USB)
  • Dimensions 54x25x9 mm
  • To work under Windows driver needed

Features Zif Board for AVR:  

  • Weight: 46 g
  • Size: 88mm x 38mm
  • 32 I / O pins all withdrawn.
  • Support chips: ATMEGA16 / ATMEGA32 and compatible.
  • Reset: reset button.
  • Power LED (D1).
  • Standard ISP.
324 грн
Code: 318

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USBasp - a simple and convenient programming avr microcontroller interface ISP (serial programming mode). Connects to the USB-port of the computer, which is very convenient since most PCs now no COM- or LPT- ports. Use USBasp programmer function in-circuit programming (ISP) allows you to quickly and repeatedly programmed microcontroller avr, even without removing it from the device. The process of debugging software using this AVR programmer is simple, convenient and saves time.

USBasp. A truly "national" USB-programmer - because of ease of manufacture, ease of circuit and open source, it has become a de facto standard and is supported by a large number of programming tools.
Programmer USBasp only supported programming interface ISP. To work under Windows need a driver (there are ). USBasp protocol is used for many USB-bootloaders (thanks to the openness and simplicity).

Learn more about programmer AVR USBasp can be read here .

Zif-board for AVR with zero effort - for ICs in DIP package. Used in the programming and testing device chips. In Zif-board for AVR can be installed chips in wide and narrow-DIP and allows the panel to the body of the DIP8 DIP40.

Based on the programmer AVR USBasp and Zif-board for AVR You can create a compact device with which you can "flash" in almost any microcontroller DIP- package.

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