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DP50V5A lowering programmable power supply (Laboratory power supply unit)

DP50V5A lowering programmable power supply (Laboratory power supply unit)

  • converter Model: DP50V5A
  • Input voltage range: 6.00-55.00 In
  • Output Voltage Range: 0 B 50.00 In
  • Output current: 0-5.000 A
  • The accuracy of the output voltage: 0.01 V
  • setting accuracy of the output current: 0.001A
  • The accuracy of the voltage measurement: ± (0.5% + 1 digit)
  • current measurement accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digit)
  • Output Power: W 00.00-250.0
  • Weight: 78 g
  • size: 79 * 43 * 48 (mm) (L * W * H * H)
1073 грн
Code: 96

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High-precision voltage step-down converter with display DP50V5A is designed for use as a laboratory DC voltage source. The display continuously displays information about the input voltage, output voltage established by established by the current limit and the current consumption of current consumed by the load capacity and the current state of the device. The same parameter settings menu is displayed. The module has many advantages over analogue voltage stabilizers: small size, extra features, excellent visualization options, more control flexibility, high precision installation and voltage and current measurement, ease of use and wide range of applications.

voltage and current Installation is simple, convenient and intuitive. The output voltage is set in a range from 0 to 50.00 in increments of 0.01 V, the output current is set in the range from 0 to 5.000A to 0.001A step. When disconnecting the power exhibited parameters are stored in non-volatile memory device. Stored in the memory up to 10 groups of setting parameters to the function quickly select the desired group. LCD module has the function of a digital voltmeter and ammeter.

The converter is made very high quality, on the power transistor mounted radiator requires no additional forced cooling. Setting the output voltage, really, very accurate. The input voltage must be greater than 1.1 times the output. The module is equipped with protection against supply input voltage polarity and short-short-circuit in the load.

Ibid module can be used as battery charger. To do this, be sure to set the output protection diode, the reverse voltage shut-off to avoid discharging the battery to be charged via the output circuit and the inverter output DP50V5A failed.

The output voltage is switched on and off button "ON / OFF".
When pressed on the "SET" button the current setting of the output voltage and current. To do this, press the encoder knob and turning the encoder to set the desired output voltage and current delimitation. After setting the values ​​you need to press "SET" button to memorize them.
Double-clicking on the button "SET" module switches to install additional parameters mode, the settings remain stored parameters and set the brightness of the display backlight.

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