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tl494 chip

tl494 chip


  • Type: PWM controller
  • Comprehensive set of PWM control
  • Input and Output Current: 200mA
  • Ability to work in a push-pull or single-ended mode
  • Built-in dual pulse suppression
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • The output reference voltage: 5V (+ -0.5%)
  • Operating temperature range: -5 ... 85 ° C

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tl494 chip is a PWM controller with full functionality of the PWM control.

Datasheet on tl494 chip .

tl494 chip includes the error amplifier, built-in adjustable generator, comparator adjust the dead time, trigger control, precision voltage reference to 5V and a control circuit output stage.

vctroennogo allow synchronizing the generator, it can be used for synchronous operation of several schemes TTI.

tl494 chip is perfect for the construction of switching power supplies of different topologies and power.

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