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XT-150 connector

XT-150 connector

  • Product name: XT150
  • Category: Electrical equipment
  • Power connector: XT150
  • Manufacturer: AMASS
  • Price:
    204 грн
    Code: 1499

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    We present to your attention a XT-150 power connector from the manufacturer Amass.

    The XT-150 connector is designed to connect power cables with a diameter of 6 mm and an input current of up to 150 Amperes.

    XT-150 connector

    The XT-150 connector at 150 Amperes does not heat up more than 80 degrees Celsius, even in the case of prolonged use.

    Male to female connector

    High quality specialty nylon is used in the production.

    The XT-150 connector comes with:

  • 1 slot in Papa format
  • 1 Mama format slot
  • 2 Connectors XT-150 power connector

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